Bill Dubé's $21 Terminal Crimpers
Crimper Photo: Bill Dubé

These are the $21 homemade hex crimpers that I used to crimp the connections on my Wabbit.

I bought a $20 set of bolt cutters at the flea market and a $1.00 13mm six-point socket. I sliced the socket almost in two with a saw. I then carved out a hole in the jaws af the bolt cutters with a grinder.

Next, I welded in the 13mm socket. I sawed away the non-hex part of the socket, and trimmed and smoothed what remained.

The crimped battery jumper shown was made with these crimpers. I made two overlapping crimps. Each stroke of the crimper makes a crimp about 1/2 inch wide. The barrel of the lug grows in length about 1/4 inch during the crimping process.