DIY Nissan Leaf Battery Swap
Adapted from a post by Cor van de Water
I have devised a way to swap a Nissan Leaf battery pack with minimal and standard tools on a level floor. It's preferable to carry this out in a side-by-side 2 car garage. However, you can do it almost anywhere, as long as you have a space beside the Leaf that's a minimum of 4ft wide.

You'll need:

The tools required are: The following additional tools are helpful, but not essential:

The gloves are not for high voltage insulation, but to avoid hand injuries when you lift the module stacks out of the shell, as they are heavy.

I have managed always to lift the 3 stacks with 2 persons: the two quarter stacks are only 100 lbs each, but the half-pack stack (24 modules on top of each other) weighs 200 lbs and requires two healthy individuals and preferably a second dolly or cart to roll it around. I have used long bolts or screw drivers through the 4 holes in the corners to act as handles to make lifting that 200 lbs more manageable.

The complete process takes most of an afternoon. Here is a 44 second timelapse video clip:

Or, if you prefer: